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Jimmy JF41 Smart Fan

Jimmy JF41 Smart Fan

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Equipped with a 7-piece Seagull wing shape fan design, the fan creates a stable spiral airflow as comfortable as natural wind

It has a 15M long effective blowing distance, sending cool wind a long distance.
The 360 rotating design makes you feel the cool wind even in the corners of the room.
The Brushless Digital Motor has a low noise, providing you a silent space to enjoy the cool wind.

With a Stepless variable speed motor you can switch to different modes freely and easily choosing between Low, Medium and High-Speed modes
Enjoy comfortable natural wind silently as the brushless digital motor used, reduces noise by 30%.

You can select a most suitable wind move for your comfort. The JF41 has 3 different grades. The Constant Wind mode improves the air circulation and is suitable with crowed occasions as well. The Natural wind mode is gentle and silent and ideal to use while sleeping, for the elderly, pregnant women and babies.
The Angle of the Fan is adjustable for comfort:
Swinging Angle: 30 / 60 Left & Right / 360
Fan Adjust Angle: Level up to 90 / Level down to -5
The Lightweight design makes it easy to carry to different room.
With the simplified design cleaning is easy

Rated Power : 20W
Rated Voltage : 24DC
High Grade Wind Speed : 4.3m/s
Constant Speed Wind : Low Speed, Medium Speed, High Speed
Natural Wind Mode : Strong Wind, Weak Wind, Breeze
Wind Speed : Low Speed, Medium Speed, High Speed
Air Flow Distance : 15M
Swinging Angle : 30 / 60 Left & Right / 360
Time : 1-7 Hours
Fan Adjust Angle : Level up to 90 / Level down to -5
Height : 120CM
Noise : 32dBA (sleep mode)
Accessory Included : Remote Controller

What's in the box
1 x Fan
1 x remote Control

Warranty: Limited (12 months)

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